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Urban Shield Boston 2011

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The Metro Boston Homeland Security Region (MBHSR) is pleased to announce it will be conducting the Urban Shield Full-Scale Exercise in May of 2011. This exercise will assess the region’s ability to successfully respond to and manage multiple terrorist events and other emergencies occurring simultaneously throughout the Boston area.

The overarching goal of Urban Shield will be to provide a multi-layered training exercise to enhance the skills and abilities of regional first responders, as well as, those responsible for coordinating and managing large scale events. Involved personnel will include regional emergency managers, law enforcement, emergency medical services (EMS), fire, local military, as well as related government and corporate partner personnel. The Urban Shield exercise will not only provide specific training opportunities to these entities, it will also test the region’s ability to integrate multi-discipline entities, including EMS first responders, fire department personnel, EOD, and law enforcement tactical response teams in a large consolidated event.

This exercise will be designed to identify and stretch regional resources to their limits while expanding collaboration and building positive relationships. In addition, this exercise will be designed to provide increased local business and critical infrastructure collaboration. The Urban Shield exercise is intended to provide the Metro Boston Homeland Security Region with critical gap analysis information by identifying the existing level of preparedness and capabilities and comparing that information to related desired levels.

Featured Technology


From the ability to collaborate with LMR systems using a standard cell phone… To high-performance infrared camera systems that enable viewing and surveillance of human-size targets…With a unique management tool that collects and provides critical information across the regional crisis communications spectrum.

Urban Shield Northern California: October 14 -17 2011


Urban Shield California has provided successful training venues for Law Enforcement, SWAT, FIRE, and EMS teams for over 4 years…

Urban Shield demonstrates the Bay Area region’s ability to manage numerous on-going critical incidents through the use of multiple incident commands.  The critical incidents take place in a variety of venues over an extended period of time.